Sunday, December 03, 2006

In which I express disappointment about technology and show off what I made.

When technology works badly I start to get testy. Blogger forced me to put my gmail account (which i never go to) as my address associated with this blog. I was able to change it back, but in the "migration" to Google servers (forced) all the names of commenters was changed to anonymous.

Okay, even though I have bored most of my readers into utter nonexistence, and I could rattle off a list, I am postiing a couple interesting things.

it is like myspace but without all the pictures of skanky females. i know some are into that, but i find it annoying.

like flickr, only it is tied to location, meaning if you were planning a trip to fargo north dakota, i think you could go here to see all pics of fargo. i think the concept is very very good. i hope it does okay and it is what i think it is.

this would be my favorite blog currently, with titles like "Man we got to talk about some noodles now." and "I could not eat the chips I wanted so bad." and "Man this time I got dragged to the yarn store"

Since I have had this here blog since round about September of 2005, I have made over 200 entries and a mere trickle of business, I am thinking bollocks! I am gonna write whatever I want. Very likely couldn't do much damage, yo.

peace out.

oh yeah, and pictures of Her.

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suleyman said...

Roast Beef is a character from the greatest comic ever, Achewood.