Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A person I knew (sort of)

This musician I met um, oh man in was almost 10 years ago. Well, it was when I went to Petersburg. He was the son of my colleague, and not joking the only person in all of Russia that I hung around with that was approximately my age. (I was teaching so either everyone was younger than me or much older than me).

His name is Dan. He has a band named Netslov, which means no words. When I met him, things were really just getting started for him. Since then he has been working alot and he has established not bad web presence where his music is. He now lives in Moscow, he seems to just crank out alot of music.

Dan showed me around St. Petes in '97 under some odd circumstances...I think I insulted one of his friends, and Dan himself said a few things that were kinda rough, but sent me alot of fresh music, and the time I spent with him opened me to some very different kinds of music I never before touched... It is a very strange memory now. But it was fun.

His music is sort of a mix of electronic and ethnic, sort of like mixing the warm with the cold. He is signed to a label and seems to make alot of soundtracks. He is at once a musician, composer and mixer of music. He is sort of a version of Ennio Morricone, or in this arena of music that can only truly be classified by its lack of classifiability.

Find him here...

In Russian, about his projects

His website

Performance of Begi- he is playing that which looks like a fat guitar (balalaika?)

Pictures and Mp3's here

mp3's here.

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