Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hipness factor

Ugh already pleeeze.

Moms who lament this loss of "hipness" or long for their foregone "mosh pit" days or whatever. Ladies, when you grow up you will realize that you missed nothing in this "world of hip"while you raised your kid. Prioritize well. The world of "hip" is as vapid as a smell, as meaningful as a puddle and as important as a piece of spacejunk. Go buy some flippin Pumas already if you are "missing something". After all that is the American way, to BUY whatever we feel we need (then over time realize nothing we bought ever really made us happy, anyway)

Over and out

-miss snippy


Mrs. T said...

Hip moms are a pain in the ass.
But, I must say that green suede Pumas? Totally rock. (my $11 Sketchers from Marshall's will have to do for now, though.)

Adeline said...

i have a strange weakness for my red and black pumas and the feeling of "see I am not that old" that they give me. but i know its just a comic farce.

happychyck said...

I embrace my un-hip-ness. I didn't even know Pumas were hip. (I'd rather be edgy and get Vans with skulls.) I do miss freedom, though.