Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tired of that ladies bottom, before cellulite, after cellulite

Note to Yahoo!

I have been a faithful user of yahoo mail since 1997. That's ten years I have had the same email address. In the internet world, that is some crazy brand loyalty.

But lets just pretend for a nanosecond that you, upon your pile of vast wealth, care about me as your mail user, one lepton.

I hate the ads that are on my mail page. I have been looking at them for so long I have finally decided I hate them enough to leave both my yahoo mail accounts in the dust. I don't mind ads, because I understand that I am utilizing a free service, but the mortgage ads with the dancing idiots and the lady before cellulite, after cellulite, before after before after ...they have grown offensive, irritating and kinda gross to have this woman's bottom, a huge picture of it there, omnipresent, in my email box.

I hate the lady who is old, now young, now old, young etc, if only she bought this cream. If this poor hag had spent one year in an undergrad program she would know that most all these creams are basically glycerin that won't do anything anyway, but if she took care of her nutrition and habits, she wouldn't look so miserable and be so desperate to spend a crazy amount on some inert cream that will DO NOTHING FOR HER. Tell her to go eat a carrot for crums sake!

Bye Yahoo! With joy, with glee, with total satisfaction. You and your 800 septillion users won't miss me, let them look at that stupid ladies bum.

m. snippy

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Megan said...

Funny. I was just telling my dad yesterday about gmail and why I like it over yahoo: no stupid advertising pictures. We were thinking alike, you and me. Great minds...and all.