Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jacked, and fascism

Someone has jacked my blog title. ChezWhat? has been me since um, 2005, actually 2003 when I launched a weak little site that never went anywhere.

Now, as it is clear that my famous blog is such a tour de force with a readership well into the tens, someone else should not steal another person's blog name, because that is not very cool.

So, they ought to be reminded that theft is never okay. Harumph.

On another note, J and I keep having a conversation about the definition of fascism. It seems that everyone has their own definition, so submit your definition blog world, all my vast quantity of readers, FASCISM!


Mrs. T said...

Have you ever seen the list of the signs of facism? It's scary- a little too much like what we've got going on right here in River City.

Mrs. T said...

Grammar question:
In church we sang a hymn that also had Spanish lyrics printed with the English. In English, the words are "And He will raise you up". The Spanish translation is "Y los recusitar√°". I just have the feeling that it needs an indirect object pronoun, as opposed to the direct.

I know that had nothing to do with your post, except the part about the grammar stuff. WOW on the rating from ACTFL. I wouldn't even know how to get a rating.

Your life sounds crazy hectic right now. Hope it calms down to a more manageable pace soon.