Monday, March 26, 2007

A la farra!

We had a party this weekend for A and J because their birthdays are on Wednesday. I am so indecisive about parties, I flip flopped on this one till I invited everyone a week ahead of time and didn't get out invites. We invited a boatload of folks. And they came! Our house was overflowing, which was fine and good by all standards, but I had been hoping for more sun so that people could overflow onto the porch.

I get overwhelmed at parties. I enjoy so much that people get to talk to connect and visit, and I love that I could make it happen. But sometimes I think all my guests would be happier if I just sat in a chair in a room upstairs tranquilized with something.

Our house has felt hectic, chaotic this weekend. I don't want to go into why. It is late. All I can say is that sometimes I wish I was the person who didn't seem to be phased by much, but there are somethings that throw me all for a loop, and I feel not myself.

Addy was a good girl at her party. Dad's labradoodle was there. Dad and Lynda seem to have a tug of war over putting the dog in and out. Sometimes I was glad that the dog was out even though it is a cute dog simply because there got to be too much underfoot. Addy was low key, seemed at home entertaining people while mom was slowly getting maxed out.

For me the highpoint was when our neighbors and a friend (a grandpa of sorts to Addy) went and hid easter eggs all over the house for the kids. Joe's eyes lit up. They are all grandmas and grandpas and I think they enjoyed that. Also my brother and his wife had made a little photo album of the time they spent with Addy. It was a "let's take pictures of how we abused Addy" while she stayed there about a month back. They took a picture of her drinking out of a bowl next to the dog, her at the top of the stairs on a skateboard, her with a bunch of nerf darts stuck all over her and Spenser with a malicious look on his face. It was pretty hilarious.

The party was a hit. When A came down the stairs and saw all the decorations in the morning in her little 2 year old voice she said "Look at that!" and then jumped up and down and said "I'ma happy girl!". Insert the sound of my heart melting all over the floor.

As an aside, I notice I wear alot more pink lately. A deep pink. It goes so nicely with everything. I decided it was because I am deeply happy. I need to remember that.


Zhenya said...

I am glad you guys had a good time. Sorry, we couldn't make it to the party. About being anxious...I hear what you are saying. I am a bit better now about not having the anxious nausia before big parties. It used to be pretty bad. I get this from my Mom. Maybe you and I can talk about this sometime. Whats your schedule like? And Happy BIG 2 to Addy! What a milestone!

Mrs. T said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely, happy, 2 year old girl!
I had a big party last summer that sort of blossomed into a bigger party. ONe of those "if we invite them, then we have to invite THEM," and on and on kind of parties. Oy.