Tuesday, April 24, 2007


In her mind, this is the correct way to get on a trike.

Food took on new meaning after Easter. Everything had to be candy.

A is just over 2 now.

When people ask me how I like being a mom, the answer is easy. If I had known it was this much fun, I would have done it much much sooner.

After awhile though, the novelty of having a baby wears off, though there is this new little person in life. She repeats everything we say. So we try to get her to say fun interesting things. Like "Buy! Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell! Sell!" and strange words like "gubernatorial" and "percolate" and "fuddy duddy". She names everything she sees with incredible import when we are driving and because I am a maniacal driver she says "Whoa!" when we take a corner on 2 wheels.

She readjusts my attitude in this time when I am probably trying too hard to make things better. I read something tonight about how we really can only worry about today. But I am so not that way.

I also struggle more with nerves than every before. I used to travel all over the place with a pittance in my pocket and shrug it off, now I wish I could just be ok with things. I told J I don't want to be a highly strung mom, but that is how I am feeling.

I do wish that I didn't have to keep her strapped down every time she left the house, as she has no concept of speeding cars or that there might be a place where she shouldn't be, like the storage area of a grocery store or the kitchen of a restaurant. I told J that now I now look wistfully at children who walk next to their parents without darting hither an yon into traffic and in front of kids on swings and think "Sigh. I wish A would do that".

Once my brother said that eventually I would be astonished by the way other people raised their kids, and feel a sense of disapproval. I rejected that it was okay to be that way, because I know I don't want people doing that to me. But it is true. I cannot comprehend raising a kid vegan or feeding them preformed dinosaur shaped breaded chicken nuggets (though I have been tempted). Nor can I comprehend the lady who would shake her head in disapproval of me not putting a sweater on A by oversight before going to the play structure, or get in the pool without a life vest. That tsk tsking is just all bad, all wrong.

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Mrs. T said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of A- she's beautiful.
I also enjoyed your musings on motherhood. I always said I'd never have any plastic in my kitchen. Mmh. Yeah.
I think I'm high strung until I'm around someone 10 times worse than I am and then feel much, much better about myself.