Sunday, May 27, 2007

Chucheria sent me questions for an interview and like a big goofball I sent her back the answers rather than posting them to blog, like I think I was supposed to do. See why I wasn't a very good student?

And of course she was probably too diplomatic to email me back and say "Hey goofball, you are supposed to put the answers on blog"

well here they is

1. Name 3 smells that trigger a trip down memory lane for you and
what memory is associated with each.

The cologne pi by Givenchy is what my husband wears. It is the most beautiful fragrance I have ever smelled. It reminds me of everything good about him, dating, finding him. It smells like cedar and vanilla and wood and some warm crackling fire is the best. Give it a whiff.

Smoked Salmon or grilled Salmon, will always remind me of the restaurant that an old friend used to work on the Park Blocks, and riding my bike down the Park Blocks in Portland while in college during any time of year. The smell is so rich that it almost was like eating without paying for it (it was a ritzy place).

The gym. A place with its own consistent smell. If you like the gym, maybe you like the smell in a twisted sort of way... I like it because the gym is my time.

2. What are 5 things that you have for dinner on a regular basis?

Sushi, we found a good joint that serves it so fresh it is almost warm.

Cubano/Brazilian Black Bean soup

Fajitas,, enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos...homemade.

Bento (chicken skewers with peanut sauce and spicy sweet sauce with rice), though I am getting sick of it.

We used to eat more Pad Thai though I am getting sick of making it.

Then comfort food...casserole, meatloaf, a chicken with potatoes...

3. Name 4 characters from books you've read that you wish were real
people so that you could hang out with them- and tell why, of course.

Holden Caufield, would like to have met him, just because that book (Catcher in the Rye) is one of those things that one reads when they are young...

Augie March from one of Saul Bellow's books

Garp, from John Irving, I liked him.

more recently? I read less and less fiction,, maybe the character Alex from Everything is Illuminated by Jonathon Safran Foer because his Ukrainian ESL english is so premium.

4. What brought an unexpected smile to your face today- other than
the obvious, your sweet baby girl-?

Um, well, maybe the beautiful sunshine and the nature of Washington park, finding some unexpected beauty there and thinking about taking some pictures...

Today wasn't a day of many unexpected smiles, I was tired and just going along...but there is good stuff in any day I know...

5. It's that time of year- what are some things that your students
are doing that drive you absolutely nuts?

It doesn't drive me absolutely nuts because I think the more I teach the more I train myself to ignore or quit caring so I can get through...

I have another kid who is a drop of pure poison bad attitude in my last class, it's nice when he isn't there. Otherwise he murmurs a running commentary in Spanish to the other Latino kids and they sit there smirking. Never blatantly disrespectful, and I have done alot to help this kid out, (replenished supplies I gave and he lost, review things he missed when absent) he's just kind of a jerk. The more I ignore him, the better it is, but the more obnoxious he gets. But if I confront him it seems to settle down for a little while, but it's back like an infestation of roaches. Pure poison.

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Mrs. T said...

Diplomatic, yes. But, it also occurred to me that you may have thought my questions too dopey to post, so I was also respecting your wish to keep the questions, you know, just between us. (There are several people with whom I'm aquainted who always call me by the wrong name and I'm too diplomatic to tell them. Now it's too late to tell them without my looking like a complete moron.)
So glad to see them posted, though! I loved your answers. Thanks for taking time out of your day during this insanely busy time of year!