Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nut shell

I keep thinking "when this is all over, then I'll post".

Well nothing is all over, except for the delicious 3 hour nap that I had immediately after putting A to sleep this evening. Hence, here I am at midnite.

So how is your eye, H?

Because I know everyone waits breathlessly to hear about my health, I will share. I have had a red eye for TWO YEARS. Maybe longer. Earlier this year, after seeing both an opthamologist (4 times) and dermatologist, I started to lose hope. One of those dear sweeties in my 7th period? She liked to make fun of my Very Red Eye, and by the time she came in the door of my room, it was usually as bad as it ever gets. I hated and hate to go to the opthamologist because unequivocally I have to:

1. Find child care
2. Wait for an hour to an hour and a half after my appointment time
3. Every time I have done this, my eye has returned to its original redness.
4. I have to pay the sitter to sit and wait for a doctor who has yet to fix this problem.
5. I don't believe his diagnosis (ocular rosacea) is correct. But then, I am not the doctor.

And it's not merely red, but it hurts, feels like there is sand in it and is extremely dry. For TWO YEARS. And my vision in the eye gets progressively worse.

I went in today and he sent me out with a whole mess of drops, most of which I had used before for temporary, though not long lasting relief. My impression now is that he has given up "curing" my red eye, and wants to merely control it, which sounds to me like a whole lot more trips to this man. He told me I really needed to come in for the follow up appointments.

I toss around the idea of a second opinion. But mostly in these cases, I feel sometimes like the medical profession is target practice... and sometimes the mark is not hit.

In other areas, because I know you all care alot about how the last five days of school are progressing, things are on a day by day basis. And I am part time, so I know I have it easier than full timers. But things are going well. I had to teach STD's today, without a doubt my least favorite subject of the year, but perhaps the most relevant to my students.

I feel like I did better this year illustrating why these pernicious little things were to be paid attention to. The information available on the subject is more relevant these days than it used to be, it's like someone somewhere got realistic. My kids were paying attention, while I blathered on. Not a small feat at the end of the year.

And the last class of the day, well it is touch and go with these guys. The lesson I am learning here is long time in coming. The lesson is the value of distance in teaching. The value of giving the work and then stepping away. Of one on one teaching as opposed to whole class teaching. The value of just putting the space between them and myself. Not paying attention to the bad attitudes at this time of year, because if their attitudes haven't changed by now, it is out of my hands. Very likely, it is less me than the kids themselves. I have only 3 out of what, 80 students total, so that is fine. Let them imagine how evil I am. I know otherwise, and so do the other 77. It is their problem because ultimately they are doing little more than making their own lives harder.

Our home hunt is going. Our realtor is amazing. Amazingly useless. I like her but she is barely there. She tells us to rely on her but does little to nothing. She will send us listings in areas we cannot afford and have shown no interest in. And she apparently doesn't get emails asking to be able to view homes, when she does get them, it makes little difference. She never arranges an appointment anyway. No one has come to see our home in at least 2 weeks. We are looking away from Canby increasingly and on to Newburg, which is further away, but where we can get much more house for the money, and is an equally good if not better community. We are in a wierd spot, we are apparently signed with her until August...and I don't want to be a jerk, but wow, we need someone who will actually do something.

Remember how my bike got stolen? Well, this past weekend I got a newby. A Trek 7000. It is my first new bike since like 1990. I paid a couple dollars more, than the list price, but I just didn' t want to drive all over town more than I had. And even though it is not a top of the line bike, I will just be happy that my chain doesn't fall off when I shift and the bike doesn't make an eery creak when I ride it, sounding like it is going to disintegrate underneath me. Thursday I will ride to school. Yippee!

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