Sunday, May 20, 2007


The end of the school year is upon us.

Things are cool, we are studying reproduction, so even though my kids are all burnt out, at least they are paying attention.

Its just in my last class of the day that things are awry.

Things are actually fine.

There is just maybe 3 kids in that class that make me crazy. And since there are only about ten, 3 is enough. And I wonder about the fine art of ignoring irritating, though not necessarily class killing behavior. This class divides itself starkly on racial lines, which makes me uncomfortable, it is the only class I have that does it. And it is a new class, and at the end of the day, I am exhausted...

And I cannot wait until it is over. It is at this point that I consider whether I would teach this class again. I do know that when the room assignments were passed out this past week, watching all of my colleagues have to move to another building pretty much...I was relieved to have that over. The idea of spending 3 unpaid days moving and resetting up my room just gets added on to the many things that teachers do that just get sucked up. I am glad it is over.

And now, I cannot wait until I never see those 7th period problems again.

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happychyck said...

My class at the end of the day has been driving me crazy all year. It's quite sad because I have the best students on our whole team in that class, too, but everyone suffers my wrath. Honestly, worse than my wrath, everyone else suffers the goofballs, too. Glad it's almost summer!