Saturday, June 30, 2007



I posted at 2 AM and I am letting you know I am officially unpublishing the post titled "Green".

I thought I may live to think "that was an ill thought post"

and I do. And it was.

Peace out.


Mrs. T said...

No, I totally could see your point. I had friends who obsessed about all things green. They were kind of neurotic anyway, but seriously the whole paper vs. plastic, cloth diapers vs. disposables debates sent them into a frenzy. I really think everyone should do what they can, and otherwise just enjoy their lives.

Adeline said...

Thanks Mrs. T, I guess I am thinking of so many people who seem to derive some sort of feeling of that they are a good person because of their environmental decisions. Other Portlanders I know who somehow confuse environmental choices with a sort of goodness or smugness that I find sorta odd, and I wouldn't really notice it except I see it so much.